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To receive our free report, the common sense guide to stock market profit, fill out the form or call our hotline for expert advice. Buy low and sell high should be the main goal of any stock market investor.

If you buy a stock at $5. A share and it goes up $5. You would make a 100% profit or $5000. For every $5000. Invested.

If you invest in a stock at the price of $1. a share and it goes up $5. You would make a profit of $25,000. On a $5000. Investment.

 And a $5000. Investment in a stock you were able to buy at $.10 a share that moved up $5.  You would make a profit of $245,000.

Why hasn’t your stock broker ever recommended a $1.00 stock or a $.10   stock   ?

Because stocks priced below $5.00 are sold on the OTC (over the counter) market and do not qualify for the general markets. For that reason you will never hear about these stocks from your stock broker unless the stock were to go up to $5.00 at that point if you were to receive a tip from tour broker and he recommended a $5000. Buy order for a stock trading at $5.00 a share and that stock was to go up $5.00 a share you would realize a 100% profit and you would make $5000. In profit from your $5000. Investment.

Buying a Penny Stock is easy but selling the stock may not be as easy, if it was that easy  then everyone would just buy every $.10 stock on the bulletin board but it’s not.  Volume is key as it takes a buyer to fill a sell order and without enough volume there may not be a buyer to fill your sell order. Low volume usually results in wide bid and ask spreads so if a seller put in a buy order to sell a stock at $5.00 and was offered $1.00 a share it he wanted to sell. So volume is of extreme importance when trying to make a profit in the stock market. 


We offer stock market advice you can depend on, based on many years of experience and close customer relationships.

By the time a stock makes headlines on the main street media it is to late for the average investor to make any substantial profit.

What usually happens is the stock market TV shows will show a few recommendations or tips and lots of viewers will pick up the phone and frantically call their stock brokers and tell them to place buy orders for every stock on the show. The next day after a brief morning rally where all or most of the stocks enjoyed a short lived price boost . So What Happened ? Everyone on the TV show said such great things about them and they have such great plans and great people and their stock has done nothing but go up 19 months in a row ? Well what happened is the investors who first bought the stock 18,17,15,11,  or ever 4 or 5 months ago are selling the stock to take their profit and a good recommendation from the main street stock market shows was their signal to sell. What is to be learned here is that when you hear about a stock on TV its too late to make a profit on that stock all you will be doing at that point is filling the sell order of another investor which is the exact opposite of  a buy low sell high strategy.


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The long-standing and trustful relationships we have with our clients are based on the methods we use to enhance both their performance and their profits, which we continually tweak to match the changing requirements of the market. The continuous reciprocal traffic of knowledge and experience between us and our viewers forms the basis of the success of our stock market investing reports.


We always combine our experience and expertise to provide the best possible expert advice – this is what sets us apart. Find out more about us, the principles we work by, and the leading minds behind our service..



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